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Over the course of the last 20 years, dental implant restorations have grown in popularity and sophistication. Now a pair of dental implants can be installed into a large void in your mouth to serve as anchor points for a dental bridge. In time, Dr. William Forero can fully replace multiple missing teeth.

The first step in the process calls for Dr. William Forero performing a thorough examination of the area to assess the available jaw structure. In many cases of multiple tooth loss, the bone tissues in the area have been lost or compromised in some way. Should this be the case for you, Dr. William Forero might first recommend having a bone graft performed in advance of the implant installation.

After any structural concerns have been addressed, Dr. William Forero can install the dental implants in a single outpatient appointment. You will still feel some postoperative sedative effect so you will need to arrange to have someone drive you home afterward.

Dr. William Forero installs the two abutments by making small incisions in your gums to gain direct access to the underlying bone. Narrow channels will be drilled into the bone and titanium abutments will be screwed into them. Hard, plastic, temporary crowns will be cemented over the abutments to protect them while the titanium gradually achieves fusion with the surrounding bone tissues.

Once total fusion has been achieved, Dr. William Forero can start the process of fitting you for a standard dental bridge. This will effectively restore the presence and function of your multiple missing teeth.

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