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If you have a tooth suffering from severe decay, it can afflict your oral health in a myriad of ways. Without timely treatment, the decay can advance deep into the tooth. Should bacteria gain access to the root and socket of the tooth, the resulting infection could be severe.

In an extreme case, the tooth might be so badly compromised that Dr. William Forero can’t save it with a root canal. To prevent further complications, he might advocate a total tooth extraction.

To restore the tooth’s presence and function after the extraction, Dr. William Forero might recommend a dental bridge. A dental bridge in Coral Springs, Florida, basically mimics the appearance of a natural tooth that has been fused to a pair of crowns. Each end of the bridge is cemented onto abutments that are formed out of the core of the two neighboring teeth.

During the first phase of treatment, Dr. William Forero will use a drill to remove the tooth enamel from each of the neighboring teeth to form anchoring abutments. These are essentially protective sheaths of dentin that houses the healthy pulp and root of each tooth. Temporary crowns will then be secured over each abutment to protect them.

Dr. William Forero will make a detailed impression of the abutments and the pertinent teeth in the area. This will be sent to a dental lab to help guide the technicians as they produce your new bridge.

A staff member at our office will call you to schedule a follow-up appointment when your new bridge returns from the dental lab. The temporary crowns will be removed and your new bridge will be cemented into place.

If you have a badly decayed tooth, you should call 954-752-4901 to seek treatment and restoration at Dr. William Forero’s clinic.