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If you wish to enhance your smile further, it is first important to visit our office for an assessment of any dental damage that has arisen. If you have suffered from any form of dental erosion to the point that a hole has formed, then a cavity will be present and will need to be filled in with a dental filling procedure. One highly effective dental filling procedure to consider is a composite dental filling, which features the following benefits:

– Composite fillings can be matched to the color of your teeth to mimic the natural look of a beautiful smile.

– Composite fillings are extremely beneficial for microscopic cavities and other small cavities that are even too small for dental amalgams to fill.

– Unlike dental amalgams, composite fillings can be repaired and replaced many times over without having to remove the original filling.

– A typical composite filling can last anywhere from 7 to 10 years.

– Composite fillings are extremely resistant to tooth fracture and are very effective for sealing the margins of a tooth to prevent leakage.

– Composite fillings are mercury-free.

Don’t postpone a visit to our team at William Forero DMD, PA to check if you are suffering from cavities.  If you are in need of a dentist filling from a dentist in Coral Springs, Florida, please call us at 954-752-4901, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. William Forero and our team at our dentist office.