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Do you currently have a tooth that needs saving? When it comes to your precious pearly whites, we do our best to save damaged teeth rather than extract and replace them, whenever possible. Root canals are one of the ways we accomplish this. With root canal therapy, we can save a tooth which has an infection in the tooth pulp.

What other types of tooth damage might be mitigated with the help of a root canal?

— If you have let a cavity go untreated long enough, the decay might reach to the tooth’s root and cause an infection in the tooth pulp.

— If you have a tooth which has had multiple procedures it may eventually become vulnerable to infection.

— If you have had an injury or trauma to the tooth it may result in a fracture that leaves the tooth root exposed. When this happens, the pulp can become diseased.

— If you have had an injury which cannot be seen, but bacteria has entered the tooth root and caused an infection.

If you have a tooth which needs saving, we invite you to let us help. We are here to help you achieve and maintain your healthy smile. If you would like to learn more about root canal therapy or other treatment options, please call 954-752-4901 and schedule a consultation with Dr. William Forero. Our experienced dental team in Coral Springs, Florida is here for you!