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Posted on June 18, 2018
If you're about to restore your oral health and smile with a dental implant, then you are most likely wondering what the treatment will involve. Many people wonder the same thing. They feel as though if they know the steps involved in treatment, they can feel more prepared in the dental chair. So, to help you feel prepared during your appointment, our dentist, Dr. William Forero, is happy to tell you the steps involved in treatment, which are:

Step No. 1: If the jawbone is healthy and strong, your dentist will place an implant (titanium post) into the socket of the missing tooth. The bone will then need to heal around the post to secure it into place, which could take some time.

Step No. 2: Once your bone has healed around and secured the post, your dentist will attach a second piece to the post, which will secure the dental crown (replacement tooth) into place. Then, he will take impressions of the smile and will send them to a dental lab. At the lab, technicians will create a customized dental crown for you.

Step No. 3: When your replacement tooth is ready, your dentist will secure it over the attachment piece. This will fill the gap in your smile and give you the tooth you have been missing.

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