Implant Dentistry

Dr. William Forero is a fellow of the International Congress for Oral Implantologists (ICOI), with over nine years of experience in placing dental implants in Coral Springs, Florida. We are pleased to provide implant dentistry to help restore your oral health and your smile. Please contact our practice today to schedule your consultation with our implant specialist and find out if you are a candidate for dental implants.

Implant Dentistry

The healthiest thing to do when you lose a tooth is have it replaced. Otherwise, you risk problems with biting, chewing and speaking, headaches, muscle pain and an unattractive appearance. Fortunately, there are many comfortable, secure, natural-looking types of dental implants for tooth replacement. Dr. Forero is an implant specialist with significant experience in helping our patients achieve beautiful, natural results. When you meet with him for your implant consultation, Dr. Forero will carefully examine your teeth, mouth, and supporting bone structure, and help you choose the implants that will provide you with optimal results.


In many situations, dental implants can give back patients their confident smile. The benefits are improved esthetics, the ability to eat comfortably and a clean, healthy oral environment for the patient.

There are many different types of dental implants available. Dental implants serve as the base for many tooth-replacement options, including bridges, dentures and individual artificial teeth. Implants are surgically implanted in the jaw to provide a comfortable, secure fit and a natural look.

What is the cost of dental implants?

The cost of your dental implant depends on a variety of factors, including dental insurance, the number of implants you are receiving, and the type of implant. At our office, our dental implant consultations are complementary, so you will not be charged for your initial examination.

Insurance is one of the factors that may affect the cost of your dental implants. Over the last few years, many dental insurances have begun covering dental implant procedures. Please bring your insurance information with you to help us provide you with an accurate estimate.

A single implant restoration has 3 procedures

A dental implant

A dental implant abutment

A crown or new tooth

If you are looking for a replacement of a tooth, you are looking for a single implant-abutment- crown procedure. A dentist will have different fees depending on the type of implant placed. Your free consultation at our office will include an exam and x-ray that will let Dr. Forero determine the implant needed.

If you are missing more than one tooth, different treatment plans could be arranged to restore the missing teeth. It is necessary to schedule a consultation to determine the best treatment possible.