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William A. Forero, DDS

  Oral Pathology in Coral Springs

  • Diagnosing and managing oral diseases
  • Clinical, microscopic, radiographic, and other examinations
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3000 University Drive, Suite P
Coral Springs, FL 33065

We Treat Oral Pathology

At the dental practice of William Forero DMD, PA, we provide oral pathology services to help treat oral diseases.

Warning: The inside of the mouth is normally lined with special type of skin, mucosa, that is smooth and coral pink in color. Any alteration in this appearance could be a warning sign for a pathological process.

If you feel that you or someone you know may have any of the symptoms of oral pathology, please do not hesitate to CALL our dental office in Coral Springs so we may be of assistance to you.
This content is for information purposes and not a diagnosis. For a medical diagnosis please schedule an appointment.

3000 University Drive, Suite P
Coral Springs, FL 33065

About Oral Pathology

Oral pathology is a specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on diseases of the oral and paraoral structures, including soft tissues, mucous membranes, teeth, jaws, and salivary glands. In addition to diagnosing and managing oral diseases, oral pathologists investigate the causes, processes, and effects of the disease, using a variety of clinical, microscopic, radiographic, and other examinations. We invite you to contact our office to learn more about oral pathology and schedule your consultation with Dr. Forero.

Dentists who practice oral pathology have received additional training in an oral pathology program following their completion of dental school. Oral pathologists often care for patients with unusual symptoms. While treatments are frequently simple, the origins of the disease may be elusive and difficult to diagnose.

If you have any questions about oral medicine, feel free to call our office for more information and set up an appointment.

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3000 University Drive, Suite P
Coral Springs, FL 33065