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Do you know the role of a periodontist in caring for your oral health? Following the completion of dental school, a dental professional can undergo additional training in treating periodontal issues for another three years. Periodontists offer gum treatments, also called periodontics, such as dental implants, gum disease care and cosmetic procedures.

General dentists often address gum disease in the beginning stage when it’s in a state known as gingivitis, but once gum disease has advanced or if it is affected by complex dental or medical history, a periodontist is often needed to provide proper treatment.

Dr. William Forero and our team are prepared to treat a variety of periodontal concerns. We can provide important periodontal services such as root surface debridement for infected gum tissue, scaling and root planing to deep clean the tooth roots and remove the infection and thicken the jawbone to place dental implants following infection or tooth loss.

At your initial appointment, we can gain a sound understanding of your oral health by looking at your medical history and performing an oral exam to determine if there are any concerns with your gum health. We can also provide dental X-rays to evaluate your jawbone and teeth. The purpose of these treatments is to detect issues such as loose teeth, gum recession, a bad bite, and periodontal pockets.

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