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Posted on June 18, 2018

Have you been in to have your oral cancer screening yet this year? Over 40,000 people every year in America will be diagnosed with oral cancer. If you have not scheduled an oral cancer screening, it is crucial to do so whenever you find the time. Like numerous other cancers, the sooner oral cancer is detected, the greater the chance of recovery. Listed below are a few signs and symptoms to look for:

–  Visible Signs:  Visible signs of oral cancer include signs of swelling and erosion within areas in and around the mouth as well as drastic weight loss that has no known causes.

–  Excessive Bleeding:  If your mouth and gums tend to bleed for extended periods of time and continue to bleed, you should get an oral cancer screening.

–  Pain and Discomfort:  Many aches and pains within your mouth and jaw area may be linked to oral cancer.

–  Numbness:  Normal signs of oral cancer include numbness or loss of feeling in the face, neck, ears, jaw, and throat areas.

–  Sores and Lesions:  Sores and lesions may be visible.

–  Lumps and Bumps:  Abnormal lumps, bumps, or rises may arise.

–  Sore Throat:  A constant sore throat that lingers or continues to come back after treatment could be a sign.

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