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Long term struggles with tooth decay and gum disease can lead to the loss of multiple teeth. Even the teeth that do remain often have existing dental work or compromised roots which can limit their lifespan.

Patients in the process of terminal dentition often experience a decreased quality of life due to inefficient oral function and discomfort. In some of these cases a dentist like Dr. William Forero might recommend extracting the remaining teeth to limit further complications and prepare your mouth for a complete denture.

After all the remaining teeth have been carefully removed your gums will be sutured. An impression will be made of the existing gum structure to guide the dental lab technicians who will create your complete denture.

You might also be provided with a prescription for pain medication to help your gums to heal comfortably. While your gums are healing you will need to stick to a diet of softer foods and avoid drinking through a straw. Tobacco users should consider a cessation program as tar and other chemicals introduced to the mouth from smoking or chewing tobacco can slow the healing process while also increasing risk of infection.

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