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Posted on June 18, 2018

Here at William Forero DMD, PA in Coral Springs, Florida, we're often asked about simple things patients can do to improve their oral health. The one we recommend the most is the one that people seem to have the hardest time with – flossing!

Only four in ten Americans floss on a regular basis (defined as at least once per day, according to the American Dental Association), meaning they're missing out on the oral health benefits of this incredibly simply activity.

So let's examine exactly why Dr. William Forero so strongly recommends you floss daily.

Removes debris
Flossing is first and foremost the best way to remove debris stuck between your teeth. From bits of food to most anything else, it's easy to end up with debris lodged in hard-to-reach places. It you leave it there, it can cause cavities, tooth decay, and even gum disease.

Removes plaque
When you brush your teeth, only about 65% of a tooth's surface is cleaned with your brush. Flossing with clean the other 35%, and more importantly, floss helps clean up plaque around your gum line. If you let plaque accumulate, you can end up with gingivitis and tooth decay. Flossing – a very simple activity – prevents all of that from happening.

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3000 University Drive, Suite P
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