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Do you know what dental bridges are and how they can improve your oral health? Dental bridges are a tooth replacement treatment option designed to replace missing or lost teeth. Although dental bridges are not as common as dentures, they function o improve your smile without the need to remove them for daily cleaning.

Dental bridges are used to help fill in the gaps left behind by missing or lost teeth. If these gaps are left unhindered, they can become safe zones for bacteria and food residue to hide. They can also be sources of infection and even assist in the weakening of your gums. If your gums begin to weaken and loosen, it will destabilize them causing other nearby teeth to move and rotate out of their natural positions. Dental bridges help you keep your facial structure intact and your gums sturdy.

Dental bridges are also a good alternative for individuals who lack the jawbone strength for dental implants. Whereas dental implants are directly placed into the bone, dental bridges are merely linked to other teeth, including if necessary, other dental implants. Dental bridges are permanent fixtures that can be easily mended and replaced if necessary.

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